lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Tattoo for Men

While often clarified that although there are no "tattoos men" or "women's tattoos", there are certain designs, styles, patterns and especially locations tattoos that are twice as popular in boys than girls and vice versa. .

With these clear days ago I taught for example neck tattoos for women or ideas for small tattoos on men, remember?
For continuing the same line, now let's talk about tattoos on shoulder for men and see a nice gallery..

We are many men who choose the shoulder to get a tattoo, but why?
Well, it's likely to happen because there is enough time to develop as large as attractive and because, at the same time, it is an easy area to hide when you need to do or perhaps thus desired space ..

One of the most popular designs for male tribal shoulder is undoubtedly.
Perhaps the case of an overly popular design, but this detail does not affect you, then you should consider for a tribal tattoo on his shoulder because they look really great there..

Another design that is ideal for man's shoulder is the koi fish. Like dragons, koi fish are oriental motifs that look great in the male body.
However, drawing not appreciate dragon on the shoulder as well as the koi fish, which is a smaller and less detail than the winged creatures figure ..

Nautical stars are also found in the list of the best tattoos on shoulder for men.
As already mentioned above designs, nautical stars allow when designing the tattoo, there are no limits to the imagination: colors and sizes depend only on the designer's creativity..

And what do you think of skulls? In my opinion, tattoos of skulls on the shoulders boys look great, especially when it is a working body, this design is aesthetically strong and powerful, and looks much better when the physique of the wearer so is ..